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Ingham’s number one compound dairy feed formulated to support vegetative pasture.

Recommended for Stage 2 Post-CalvingStage 3 Early Lactation and Stage 4 Mid Lactation.

  • High in the type of energy that promotes milk solids production through early and mid lactation when pastures are typically vegetative
  • Provides high levels of fermentable carbohydrates, rumen degradable and undegraded dietary proteins, mineral rumen buffers, vitamins, essential macro and micro minerals when high levels of milk solids production are required
  • Helps optimise dry matter intake and minimises the rate of post peak decline.

TopCow® Dairy is the ideal formulation for high producing cows on vegetative pasture during the first half of lactation. TopCow® Dairy consists of high quality fermentable carbohydrates in combination with rumen degradable protein (RDP) and rumen undegraded protein (RUP). This combination of nutrients packed into a nutrient dense pellet, fed in conjunction with good quality vegetative pasture, will support cows through peak milk solids production.

Maximising dry matter intake (DMI) through this period with TopCow® Dairy will ensure milk solids production remains high while reducing continued body condition loss post-calving. Continued use through mid lactation will reduce the rate of post peak decline.

What do your cows need now?

Through the first half of lactation the cow moves rapidly to peak milk solids production then post peak decline. The rations provided through this period should contribute to maximising peak milk solid production then subsequently reducing the rate at which milk production declines.

DMI and nutrient density need to be high enough to support milk solids production with minimal body condition loss. Cows are typically exposed to high volumes of vegetative pasture during this period which supply more than adequate quantities of RDP. To support the rumen in utilising this protein, the rumen bugs require fermentable carbohydrates. It is also a period where the cow’s requirement for RUP is not met. Keeping a balance between RDP and RUP in the diet is vital in maintaining high milk solids production.

Pick your Protein

TopCow® Dairy is available with a choice of either 12% or 16% crude protein.


TopCow® Dairy usage rates will vary according to forage availability, breed of cow, stage of lactation and milk solids production.

Please contact your Dairy Nutrition Specialist to discuss your herd's specific nutrient requirements.

(Dry Matter Basis 88%)

Because of Ingham's ongoing commitment to quality nutrition, research and product development, specifications are subject to change from time to time. Please talk to your Dairy Nutrition Specialist for product specifications and availability specific to your region.

  • NDF
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  • NFC
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  • Starch
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  • Sugars
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  • Fat
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  • ME
    (MJ/KG DM)
  • Crude Protein
    (% DM)
  • RDP
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  • RUP
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  • Calcium
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