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Mike Simpson - Te Kauwhata

Mike Simpson - Te Kauwhata

A third generation farmer, Mike runs four herds totaling 1300 friesian jersey crosses on the one property with two sheds at Rangiriri.

Both sheds have in-shed feeding systems and this is their second year with the Dairy Nutrition Specialists [Inghams]. “They just kept coming to see me,” says Mike. “We were with NRM, but I liked what Graham [Dairy Nutrition Specialist] had to say so I thought I’d give them a shot. They were willing to help me get the most out of our grass and the advice was very useful.”

Mike’s been feeding TopCow Dairy and TopCow Springer and said he was amazed at the health benefits. 

Springer has… “pretty much wiped out milk fever in the calving mob. It’s very assuring,” says Mike. “That mob is up to 450 cows for over a month and it was a real headache having cows go down when were shy of spare time.” Citing the benefits of the transition feed, “the heifers also take to the meal in the shed straight away from eating TopCow Springer for the last 10 days”.

Production-wise they have increased production every year. Last year setting again a new record, thanks in part to a good summer, gaining an extra 4000 milk solids in 15/16 helped by an improved nutrition and maintaining cow numbers right till the end of the season.

“We had their Dairy Nutritionist come and visit us last year and he was very willing to give advice. They always encourage you to get the most out of your grass. Plus you just text the orders in, they text back and it’s done. They haven’t missed a beat, I’ve been really impressed with them,” adds Mike.