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Paul and Kerryn Mullins-Edgecumbe

Paul and Kerryn Mullins-Edgecumbe

Paul milks 280 jersey cows, “real cows” he calls them. He put an inshed feeding system in and feeds Ingham’s TopCow. A very “efficient system,” says Paul.

In Paul’s view grass feeding alone is not enough as modern cows need good nutrition. “I breed cows to milk, we expect a lot of the cow, but as an industry we don’t put back into it as we should.” 

Paul was having “wicked problems” with milk fever and staggers at 50-60 cows a year; this is down to three. “The cows get up and go now, but pre- and post calving is where they need the boost.”

And production gains have been “huge” with a 25-30% increase. They were doing the national average of 330kg MS, but now are well over 400.

“As long as you’re efficient with it (the meal) and use it at the right time.”

They still have debt. “Don’t worry about that, but we’re not going backwards and that has a lot to do with the TopCow meal.”

“Ingham’s Dairy Nutrition Specialist service is amazing,” says Paul. “Their advice works. I’ve tried others but if you use Ingham’s Dairy Nutrition Specialist’s advice you can get a long way ahead. With TopCow you gain better condition and in-calf rates because they cycle before you start mating. Our submission rate is 93%.”

Paul’s mating period is 8.5 weeks versus the national average at 12. His empty rate is 8.5% with improved cow condition.

“You can’t expect to get it back from the cow without putting it in,” says Paul.