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Formula 1

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Starter Ration For
Early Weaners

TopCalf® Formula 1 is a superior quality starter ration formulated to assist in meeting the nutrient requirements of growing calves from day one. Its open texture, aroma and palatability make it ideal as the first ‘hard’ ration to offer calves as they explore chewing.

TopCalf® Formula 1 can be fed in all calf rearing systems, either as a starter ration to help get calves onto pellets, or it can be fed through to weaning.

Flow: formulated to flow through most calf feeders with ease. Palatability: coated with molasses and enhanced with flavouring to accelerate early intake. Calves love it and take to it quickly.

Digestion: formulated from highly digestible cereal grains, protein meals and legumes to enhance nutrient absorption and optimise daily growth rates.

High Protein: with a crude protein specification of 18.5% (dry matter basis), TopCalf Formula 1 provides the essential amino acids for optimum growth rates in calves that are also consuming colostrum or milk and a source of fibre.

No Palm Kernel: energy and protein are provided from high quality cereal grains and protein meals.

Extruded Maize: contains processed maize that has been steam extruded, which enhances the total digestibility of maize for young, pre-ruminant calves.

Flaked Faba Beans: a high energy, high protein legume that has been steam flaked to aid digestion. Also contains rolled barley and wheat, high starch grains that ferment to the volatile fatty acids (VFA) that will promote papillae development and vascularisation.

Trace Minerals and Vitamins: delivers a balanced blend of trace minerals and vitamins essential to immune system development and growth in young calves.

Rumensin®: to aid in the control of coccidiosis, a disease that attacks the digestive system of calves.

Effective fibre (hay or straw) and fresh drinking water should also always be available to calves.

Usage Rates

Feed ad-lib to appetite.

Please contact your Dairy Nutrition Specialist to discuss your calves' specific nutrient requirements.

Nutrient Data

Because of Ingham's ongoing commitment to quality nutrition, research and product development, specifications are subject to change from time to time. Please talk to your Dairy Nutrition Specialist for product specifications and availability specific to your region.

  • NDF
  • NFC
    (Min. Per KG)
  • Starch
  • Sugars
  • Fat
  • ME
    (Per KG)
  • Crude Protein
  • RDP
    (Min. Per KG)
  • RUP
    (Min. Per KG)
  • Lysine
    (Per KG)
  • Methionine
    (Per KG)
  • Calcium
    (Per KG)
  • Phosphorus
    (Per KG)
  • Magnesium
    (Per KG)
  • Potassium
    (Per KG)
  • Salt
  • Acid Buf®
    (Per KG)
  • Rumensin®
    (Sodium Monensin)
  • Diamond V XPC®
    (Per KG)