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Formula 16

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Comprehensive growing and finishing ration to help meet growth targets

Topcalf® Formula 16 is a balanced ration suitable for conventional (higher milk) rearing systems or as a finisher for weaned calves.

TopCalf® Formula 16 has been formulated to provide optimal rumen degradable protein (RDP), rumen undegraded protein (RUP) and essential amino acids for weight gain and frame growth in calves. It also delivers high levels of starch and sugars which are essential to continued rumen papillae development and vascularisation.

Balanced Protein and Energy: balancing fermentable carbohydrates, rumen degradable protein and physically effective fibre is the blueprint for continued early rumen development. Nutrients provided in the ration are highly digestible, enabling calves to reach growth targets for age and breed.

Fermentable Carbohydrates: contains high levels of wheat, barley and maize – high starch cereal grains that will contribute well to papillae development and vascularisation by altering the ratio of volatile fatty acids (VFA) produced in the rumen, while helping to meet calves’ total energy requirement.

Trace Minerals and Vitamins: delivers a balanced blend of trace minerals and vitamins essential to immune system development and growth in young calves.

No Palm Kernel: energy and protein in this ration are provided from high quality cereal grains and protein meals.

Flavouring: contains molasses and enhanced flavouring to attract calves to the feeder and encourage early intake. This also smooths the transition between feeds in the TopCalf range of products.

Pelleted: to minimise the risk of salmonella, increase digestibility and avoid waste from spills at the feeder.

High Dry Matter Levels: providing concentrated nutrients, e.g. 1kg of pellets compares to 3-4kg of ensiled products.

Rumensin®: to aid in the control of coccidiosis, a disease that attacks the digestive system of calves.

Effective fibre (hay or straw) and fresh drinking water should also always be available to calves.

Usage Rates

Feed ad-lib to appetite.

Please contact your Dairy Nutrition Specialist to discuss your calves' specific nutrient requirements.

Nutrient Data

Because of Ingham's ongoing commitment to quality nutrition, research and product development, specifications are subject to change from time to time. Please talk to your Dairy Nutrition Specialist for product specifications and availability specific to your region.

  • NDF
  • NFC
    (Min. Per KG)
  • Starch
  • Sugars
  • Fat
  • ME
    (Per KG)
  • Crude Protein
  • RDP
    (Min. Per KG)
  • RUP
    (Min. Per KG)
  • Lysine
    (Per KG)
  • Methionine
    (Per KG)
  • Calcium
    (Per KG)
  • Phosphorus
    (Per KG)
  • Magnesium
    (Per KG)
  • Potassium
    (Per KG)
  • Salt
  • Acid Buf®
    (Per KG)
  • Rumensin®
    (Sodium Monensin)
  • Diamond V XPC®
    (Per KG)