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New to Ingham Feeds and Nutrition in 2015, this pelletised ration is specifically for the 30 day period immediately after calving.

TopCow® Fresh is designed to be fed at 3 – 5 kg/cow/day and supports all the hard work implemented during the pre-calving phase of transition.

Immediately post-calving the cow is going through rapid change as she moves from a pregnant dry cow to a milking cow. This is a time where the focus is on minimising body condition losses as she ramps up milk production by reducing the number of days that she is in negative energy balance (NEB).

TopCow® Fresh is an energy dense ration that helps reduce NEB and minimise body condition loss. It is also high in calcium and phosphate to reduce risk of metabolic disease and contains betaine to help cleanse fat from the liver, thus reducing hepatic oxidation to increase appetite.

The goal of fresh cow rations is to reach early peak milk solids yield while keeping body condition score losses at <0.5.

Trace minerals and vitamins have been added, including an organic trace mineral supplement, to this simple to use feed. This typically eliminates the need for additional in-line or dusted vitamin and mineral products.

Please contact your Dairy Nutrition Specialist to discuss your herd's specific nutrient requirements.

Nutrient Data

Because of Ingham's ongoing commitment to quality nutrition, research and product development, specifications are subject to change from time to time. Please talk to your Dairy Nutrition Specialist for product specifications and availability specific to your region.

  • NDF
    (% DM)
  • NFC
    (G/KG DM)
  • Starch
    (G/KG DM)
  • Sugars
    (G/KG DM)
  • Fat
    (G/KG DM)
  • ME
    (MJ/KG DM)
  • Crude Protein
    (% DM)
  • RDP
    (G/KG DM)
  • RUP
    (G/KG DM)
  • Calcium
    (G/KG DM)