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TopCow® Springer is the inaugural member of our TopCow Specialist Range. A product developed to deliver specific outcomes for a specific period of gestation. This pelletised ration is designed to be fed at 3 kg/cow/day for 21 days prior to calving.

In the weeks leading up to calving the cow is setting herself up to deal with significant stress and metabolic change as she moves from a dry cow to a lactating cow. Supporting the pre-calving ration with TopCow® Springer prepares the cow for the smoothest transition possible and proactively sets her up for lactation.

TopCow® Springer contains a unique combination of anionic salts, such as chlorides and sulphates, to reduce the dietary cation anion difference (DCAD) of the total ration. It is this combination of specific anionic minerals that goes a long way to reducing the risk of time consuming and costly issues with clinical and sub-clinical milk fever. It also means that you do not need to dust pastures with magnesium oxide or add other magnesium supplements to water, as this product meets all of these requirements in one application.

To provide much needed energy for birth and prepare the rumen for grain based rations post-calving, TopCow® Springer contains high levels of fermentable carbohydrates. It also delivers high levels of all the essential trace minerals, along with vitamins A, B1, D3 and E.

The goal, when fed as part of a good diet, is to reduce incidence of clinical and sub-clinical milk fever and other metabolic diseases, such as ketosis and metritis, associated with calving.

By providing fermentable carbohydrates leading up to calving, the rumen environment is adapted to deal with cereal products post-calving. This will enable the cow to hit peak milk solids yield earlier in lactation with minimal body condition loss.

Please contact your Dairy Nutrition Specialist to discuss your herd's specific nutrient requirements.

Nutrient Data

Because of Ingham's ongoing commitment to quality nutrition, research and product development, specifications are subject to change from time to time. Please talk to your Dairy Nutrition Specialist for product specifications and availability specific to your region.

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  • NFC
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  • Starch
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  • Sugars
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  • Fat
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  • ME
    (MJ/KG DM)
  • Crude Protein
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  • RDP
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  • RUP
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  • Calcium
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