Feedworks Nutrition Workshop, Queensland

Dairy Nutrition Specialist Rebbecca Burrows recently attended the two-day Feedworks Nutrition Workshop in Queensland.  This was an opportunity to drive through on our values of keeping up with internal trends in dairy nutrition, networking with industry experts, and drawing on and learning for the experience of locals and farmers on the ground.

Rebecca4Rebbecca reports back.

“This was a great conference. I walked away from feel upbeat and energised about the future of our industry. 

We learnt about causes and impacts of inflammation in dairy cows, factors impacting pH in the rumen, and manipulating nutrient partitioning.  We also covered ways to maximise the benefits of non-forage fibre sources in the ration and so, so much more.

I gained a more in-depth understanding of nutritional additives and such products available to us, learning more about the science and research going into those products and the results and remedies producers are coming out with.

I met people from all over.  It was interesting to talk to them about their systems and challenges, to compare notes and scenarios, and listening to how they're driving towards their future goals." 

Rebbecca has come back to base, sharing the experience and learnings with our other Dairy Nutrition Specialists.

If you’d like to know more about how any of the topics above apply to your own farm, please contact your local Dairy Nutrition Specialist.

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