Open Country Dairy Study - January 2017 results

February 2017

Again this month, Tim Sandbrook from  Open Country Dairy shares his report on his ongoing study into milk urea and its effect on milk production and cow health. 

 Mike Cottam, our Dairy Nutrition Specialist, adds further insight.  

“The average MU of 30.3 that Tim’s reporting at the moment is quite high. High MU presents an opportunity to introduce products with quality starch or fermentable carbohydrates into the ration.  Quality starches help increase a cow’s energy levels, from which we see a corresponding milk solids response.  We don’t want to use fats to increase energy.  We need to be using quality carbohydrates to get that milk response."



Average MU in the Waikato is 30.3 at the moment.

Pasture feed profiles are similar to last month and a smidge ahead of last year with higher soluble sugars. Note: The Cambridge sample was mostly chicory.

pasture feed profiles1


pasture feed profiles


pasture feed profiles3



More information

If you’d like more information about the field day or any of the topics discussed, please contact your local Dairy Nutrition Specialist.

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