Open Country Dairy Study - February 2017 Results

Tim Sandbrook from Open Country Dairy shares his report on Cow Body Condition Scores and pasture feed profiles 

The latest cow body condition scores (BCS) across 1,400 Waikato cows hasn’t changed this month, sitting at exactly 4.0 with a slightly tighter range across the ten herds than a month ago.

The Waikato has greened up considerably over the past few weeks, setting us up for a great Autumn – fingers crossed. Pasture dry matter is quite low at 18%, protein is has lifted 26.4% with some decent clover around now, soluble sugars have dropped to 6.5% and ME is now up to 11.5 MJ/kgDM, which is well up on the same time last year. The supplementary feeding that’s happening now is helping compensate for the fairly watery grass, but MU average has still lifted to 34.1 Mg/dl across the Waikato. 

Milk production is continuing on a very pleasing upward trend that kicked off on the 25th of February. This is looking to lessen the effect of the appalling season peak in October, and should also allow farmers to capitalise on the high milk prices we are seeing now.






If you’d like more information about the field day or any of the topics discussed, please contact your local Dairy Nutrition Specialist.

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