Pip Gale Talks

Pip Gale Talks

About Pip

Working in partnership with Ingham, Pip Gale is one of Australasia’s leading dairy nutritionists. As the Managing Director of Vanguard Nutrition, Pip has an extensive background in ruminant nutrition consultancy. Originally from Tasmania, Australia, he has comprehensive experience in pastoral grazing systems and the large variety of solutions required to support a high producing dairy cow. Here, Pip talks with our Dairy Nutrition Specialists on key health and nutrition factors facing your herd.EndFragment.

Episode 1

Rumen dysfunction and sara

What is SARA, how do you identify it and what you can do to avoid it.

Episode 2

Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN)

Wondered what MUN means on your milk docket?
What MUN is and how it affects your cows.

Episode 3

Herbage mass assesment

How you can do your own herbage mass pasture assessment - for free. All it takes are a few readily available household items and a simple calculation.