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Six Stages To Better Nutrition And Higher Milk Production

Pre-Calving 1 Post-Calving 2 Early Lactation 3 Mid Lactation 4 Late Lactation 5 Dry Cow 6

Stage 1 – Pre-calving

3 weeks before calving (Transition)

This 3-4 week period leading up to calving requires your close attention, but it will ultimately pay dividends.

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Stage 2 – Post-calving

Days 1 – 30 (Fresh cows)

Your cows are recovering from calving and settling into making milk. Give them plenty of dry matter and do all you can to maintain good body condition via balanced carbohydrate supply.

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Stage 3 – Early lactation

Days 31 – 130 (Peak milk production)

The period of peak milk production – your cows will need plenty of dry matter. This is the time nutrition can help improve reproductive performance and fertility.

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Stage 4 – Mid lactation

Days 131 – 230 (Settled period after mating for churning out milk solids)

A settled period when mating is completed and you can really focus on churning out the milk solids. Maintain plenty of dry matter and use nutrient dense rations formulated to prevent rapid post peak decline.

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Stage 5 – Late lactation

Days 231 – 300 (Lengthen lactation before doing off)

Boost nutrition to lengthen lactation while bringing the herd up to good body condition prior to drying-off. Address mineral deficiencies and give nutrients for foetal development.

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Stage 6 – Dry cow

Days 301 – -30 (Rest and recovery to maintain body condition)

This is the time for rest and recovery for the herd. Ensure the good body condition of your cows is maintained with rations high in fibre to maintain rumen capacity

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