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Heifer Growth Target Calculator

Making sure your heifers are well grown before they enter the main herd, brings a lifetime of benefit to your herd. 

Well grown young stock hit the herd running, without spending energy catching up completing their own growth to full size.  They cycle earlier, have fewer difficulties calving, and over their lifetime, produce milk more efficiently.

Once heifer calves are weaned, we need to ensure that they reach target weights and wither height for age and breed at every critical juncture during their first two years. Regularly weigh and measure heifers to monitor their progress.

Our easy-to-use calculator helps you monitor target weights at each milestone on the path to mature liveweight.  Simply enter your two-year mature liveweight goal at the cursor, and our calculator will give you indicative target weights at each milestone along the way.

Our two-year mature weight is based on and empty cow and body condition score of 4.5.

The results of this calculator are indicative only. Heifer breed and the unique physical and environmental factors of your farm will have a bearing on raising young stock to optimum weight and wither height. For an in-depth assessment of your young stock’s specific requirements relative to your production system and more information on how to best achieve growth targets, talk to your CopRice Dairy Nutrition Specialist.  

Your CopRice Dairy Nutrition Specialist will work you through detailed scenarios to create a FREE comprehensive Nutrition and Growth Target Plan.

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6 months

{{ (target * 0.3) | singleDecimal }} kg

12 months

{{ (target * 0.52) | singleDecimal }} kg

12 months (mating)

{{ (target * 0.63) | singleDecimal }} kg

18 months

{{ (target * 0.77) | singleDecimal }} kg

24 months
(includes fetal weight)

{{ (target * 1.065) | singleDecimal }} kg

Target weight at 24 months
(BCS 4.5, empty)