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Calf Feed Requirement Calculator

Our Calf Feed Calculator helps you evaluate different ration combinations to offer your calves in order to meet targeted daily growth rates. It also allows you to understand the associated feed costs with each option.

Simply fill in the yellow fields to reflect your calf rearing operation inputs and goals, and the calculator will do the rest.

Note: Each calf rearing operation has unique physical and environmental factors that will have a bearing on calf performance, meaning the results of this calculator are indicative only. For an in depth assessment of your specific calf nutrition requirements relative to your production system and more information on how to best achieve targeted calf growth targets, talk to your Ingham Dairy Nutrition Specialist.

TOPCALF® formula


Price NZD
$/kg milk fat
$/kg milk protein
$/kg milk solids {{ CostKgMs | number:2 }}
$/litre whole milk {{ CostLitreWholeMilk | number:2 }}
$/kg starter meal


Whole milk CP % Fat % Lactose % DM %
As Fed {{ DMPercentAsFed | number:2 }}
Dry Matter (DM) {{ CPPercentAsDryMatter | number:2 }} {{ FatPercentAsDryMatter | number:2 }} {{ LactosePercentAsDryMatter | number:2 }}
ME (Mcal) {{ MEMcal | number:2 }}
ME (MJ) {{ MEMJ | number:2 }}

Whole Milk + Starter

Whole milk {{ x }} kg
Target gain (kg/day)
Milk fed (litres/day)
Starter required daily (kg as fed) {{ StarterReqdDaily[x] | number:2 }}
Feed cost/day {{ FeedCostDay[x] ? '$' + (FeedCostDay[x] | number:2) : '' }}

Disclaimer: This feed calculator is prepared by Vanguard Nutrition Pty Ltd, ABN 34 149 770 123, as an aid to dairy managers in assessing dairy calf nutrient requirements and possible daily gain. Inghams Enterprises Pty Ltd and Inghams Enterprises (NZ) Pty Ltd are in no way responsible for any of the results produced by this calculator. Any issues or irregularities must be taken up directly with Vanguard Nutrition Pty Ltd. This report depends on the accuracy of the user’s input, and Vanguard Nutrition Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible for any errors or untoward effects arising or perceived to arise from use of the tools. The tools are made available on the understanding that Vanguard Nutrition Pty Ltd is not engaged in rendering professional advice. All possible production responses are dependant on meeting total ration inputs and meeting the ongoing metabolic status of livestock, which are subject to volatility and constant change.