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What Formulations Are About

Throughout the course of a year, the nutritional requirements for a New Zealand dairy cow change according to her metabolic state, stage of lactation, level of milk production, and the quality and availability of pasture. Understanding the relationship between these factors is critical to optimising milk solids production, and maintaining the health and wellbeing of your herd.

TopCow supplies a range of concentrate feeds that provide nutrient dense rations to help balance nutrient delivery to the dairy cow. There are also additional benefits provided during the manufacturing process due to the heating process, including reduced risk of salmonella and improved nutrient digestibility.

TopCow can be fed when:

  • maximum production is required from a high performance herd beyond available nutrient sources
  • or to fill nutrition gaps over the course of the season.

All TopCow products contain vitamins and minerals to aid the cow’s immune system and maintain productivity. The process of manufacturing TopCow from grains derives more benefits than just the nutrients provided. By processing grains, the availability of starch is improved, the palatability of grain is enhanced, toxins that can be found in raw grains are destroyed and the consistency of the finished product is superior. These factors result in animals getting the right combination of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in every mouthful.

When considering the balance between a cow’s nutrient requirements and what nutrient supplementation is required, the focus is largely on the following nutrient groups: